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G.O & Nassun “O-IWI-O” MV

September 2, 2010

No idea what “O-IWI-O” is supposed to mean but it sounds good.



September 2, 2010

Dalmatian “Round 1” MV

September 1, 2010

I was very skeptical of rookie group Dalmatian, but I have to say, their first mv “Round 1” impressed me. The dalmatian theme was a little too much (wonder how long they’ll keep that up), but they’re a helluva lot better than other rookie boy groups out there. They seem fun and definitely have potential!

2NE1 Comeback Photo And Tracklist

September 1, 2010

Hot damn—CL is blonde!

The lovely ladies of 2NE1 are scheduled to make their comeback Sep. 9th!! They’ve been working hard the past year for this comeback, and have even worked with a team of people in LA! Their first mv was just filmed, and recently their tracklist was also revealed.


1. Can’t Nobody (타이틀곡) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
Can’t Nobody (Title Song) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

2. Go Away (타이틀곡) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
Go Away (Title Song) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

3. 박수 쳐 (타이틀곡) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: e.knock
Clap Your Hands (Title Song) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

4. 난 바빠 작사: Big Tone / 작곡: PK , Big Tone / 편곡: PK
I’m Busy | Writer: Big Tone / Producer: PK, Big Tone / Arrangement: PK

5. 아파 (Slow) 작사, 작곡: e.knock, 선우 정아 / 편곡: 선우 정아
It Hurts (Slow) | Writer, Producer: e.knock, Sunwoo Jungah / Arrangement: Sungwoo Jungah

6. 사랑은 아야야 작사: Masta Wu / 작곡: Choice37, Big Tone / 편곡: Choice37
Love is Ouch | Writer: Masta Wu / Producer: Choice37, Big Tone / Arrangement: Choice 37

7. You & I (박 봄 솔로) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
You & I (Park Bom Solo) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

8. Please Don’t Go (CL & 민지) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
Please Don’t Go (CL & Minji) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

9. Kiss (산다라 솔로) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
Kiss (Sandara Solo) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

10. 날 따라 해봐요 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
Try to Follow Me | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

<Bonus Tracks>

11. I Don’t Care (Reggae mix) Writer, Producer: Teddy, e.knock / Writer: Sungwoo Jungah

12. Can’t Nobody (Eng. Ver) Writer: Perry / Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

cr. allkpop


August 28, 2010

Heading back to school today! Due to the craziness involving moving in and getting ready for classes, I don’t know when I’ll be able to update next. But I’ll try to update more frequently during the school year than I did last year!!

Marin & Riena’s “Love Train” PV

August 27, 2010

I think Marin&Riena are a pretty cute duo! “Love Train” is an upbeat song, but throughout the mv I just wanted to give Riena a burger!! I know Japanese women can be skinny, but oh my….

Wei Li An’s “Liang Jiao Jue Shu chu de Tao Wang” MV

August 27, 2010

So good!