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SM Wanted Nick Chou to be in Super Junior

August 18, 2010

Apparently, up and coming super star Nick Chou was scouted by an SM rep when he was studying abroad in America years ago as a teenager—the rep wanted him to sign a 10-year contract as a member of Super Junior! His mom, who flew to America to review the contract, thought it was too long so he passed it up.

According to Nick, he doesn’t regret it one bit! “If I decided to sign the contract back then, I would’ve ended my studies to go train in Korea. It was probably since I didn’t go that I was able to finish my studies and also learn many things in the musical aspects. I really don’t regret it! At least now I have another chance to enter the entertainment circle and create the music I love!” But according to his twitter, he did train under SM for a while.

Honestly, passing up a chance to be in Super Junior was probably the best decision he could’ve made. Yeah, they’re super popular in Asia, yeah, he could’ve been one of the leaders of Super Junior M, but he definitely wouldn’t have had that much freedom or any input into his music. Worked out for the best!


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