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GP Basic Debuts on Inkigayo

August 15, 2010

GP Basic did their first music show performance today on Inkigayo. Netizens have been criticizing them for their use of autotune to make them sound older/better, but the girls ditched the special effects today and gave a live performance of “Game.”

I think they’re pretty adorable, especially the youngest Janey (who used to be in a kids group called Sweety). But after seeing them live, I do agree that Janey does stick out a lot since she’s so little; it looks a bit odd. Also, they need to work on their confidence and stage presence a bit. Janey trumps her unnies in this respect–she’s the most energetic of them all. Plus, they gotta ditch the hip-thrusting moves until they’re older.

But honestly, there are a lot of crappy acts out there–and GP Basic isn’t one of them. They’re young and just debuted so of course there is room for improvement. I think it’s funny how people criticize these girls so much for lacking talent, when the groups they actually do listen to and love aren’t really all that talented. These girls at least have potential.

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