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Code-V Loses Leader Taemin

August 13, 2010

Boy group Code-V came back with a new name, strong image, and catchy single “Addiction” earlier this year. However, unfortunately its leader Taemin is now leaving the group after promotions end August 21st.

I can understand why he would want to leave. As the oldest of the group (27 in US, 28 in Korea), his priorities and goals are probably a little different than the rest. Maybe he’s heading to the military? This is the message he left behind:

It’s really difficult to think of how to begin this!
But the reason I’m bringing this up is because.. I want to thank for the last time everyone who up to now gave me the large gift of love and support!
I, TaeMin! Is leaving Code V on August 21st after all our schedules have ended!
This is a decision that I made after much thought and worry!
So it was hard, and I’m really sorry that I made this decision!.
I’m leaving like this, but our Code V is working really hard to prepare really good
Please always love Code V! And please give me support instead of denouncing me!
Lastly, thank you to everyone who gave me the biggest gift of my life!!
And the legend of Code V is just beginning now!!
forever! code V forever bless for you!! Thank you!

I’m both sorry and thankful to everyone who supported me until now!
I will be leaving Code V after the end of schedules on August 21st. Although the happiness of TaeMin of Code V has ended!
The regular 28-year-old TaeMin will work hard to be happy!
The cry of Code V will not stop!
Thank you and I’m sorry!
Be happy everywhere!

cr. allkpop

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