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Summer Songs

July 10, 2010

I realize summer is about half-way over, but there’s still half-way to go so I thought I’d put together a playlist of some of my favorite songs for summer.

1. JR Fog “不够”

2. Super Junior “No Other”

3. Taeyang “After You Fall Asleep”

4. Forget and Forgive “Parasite” (I wish they just sang in Chinese though, it would sound so much better than Engrish)

5. Waa “Kun Zai”

6. The Speakers “You and Me”

7. Infinite “Come Back Again”

8. f(x) “NU ABO”

9. miss A “Bad Girl, Good Girl”

10. Wonder Girls “2 Different Tears” (Wow, I’ve bashed this song for so long but I can’t help but admit the chorus is so catchy!)

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