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Jing Chang and Cyndi Wang Come Together for “Love’s Options” MV

July 10, 2010

After the success of “Broken”, Jing Chang will be promoting the second single off of her new album “The Opposite Me.” Chang says of “Love’s Options,”It’s because this song completely expresses the kind of conflicted feelings I have towards relationship.s When you’re face with choices regarding love, it’s painful. But I’m actually enjoying that kind of ‘direct conflict.’ But in the end, I’ll still choose to let go!”

Label-mate Cyndi Wang said, “When I knew Yun Jing was going to film a MV,  I immediately canceled other work to come help. But then I got the script and discovered that every shot has me in it. This really is the hardest guest-starring I’ve ever done!”

In this MV, Wang’s character moves into a new home after the death of her boyfriend. But she returns to her old home, wanting to find memories of her bf. Chang is living in Wang’s old apartment, and is sort of aware of the memories that the apartment holds.

Chang said of Wang, “I really want to thank Cyndi for overcoming all these difficulties. To have her, i’m feeling better already! I owe you one, Cyndi. But good thing we have you. A music video always needs a beautiful girl.”

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