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Chinese Music Gets International: Introducing i-Me

July 10, 2010

快女组合i Me穿蕾丝秒杀宅男 MV首播秀全民舞蹈

I’ve seen lots of groups with Korean and Chinese members, or Korean and (1) Thai member(s), but the new mainland quintet, i-Me, boasts members from China, Korea, and Thailand! The group is a collab effort between Doremi Music, eeMedia, and True Fantasia (from Korea, China, and Thailand respectively). “i” stands for international, idol, idea, and “me” stands for team. With the flood of new girl groups in Korea, looks like the cpop industry is retaliating with some of their own. So let’s see what the girls of i-Me got!

This is their debut teaser.

“哎咿呀 is their first single and the mv  features Top Combine‘s Korean member Jin Ensheng (how appropriate!) It’s way too sweet for my taste but they remind me a lot of Kara and SNSD, and they will probably get a lot of love from China, Korea, and Thailand.

Member profiles under the cut

Li Yuanxi – China

She was a contestant on Super Girls (Chinese Idol for girls) and is the leader of i-Me.

Name: 李媛希
English: Mocika
Prefix: Fashion Princess/Fashionista (时尚公主)
Birthday: February 10, 1990
Birthplace: Ya An, Sichuan
School: Sichuan University of Electronic Science and Technology

Nalin Hohler (Na Lin) – Thailand

Nalin Hohler

She was on a Thai show called Academy Fantasia Thailand (Thai Idol) and trained in Korea for a little bit. She is actually half German, half Thai (I called that one).

Name: 那琳
Thai: นลินธารา โฮเลอร์
English: “Zara” Nalintara Hohler
Birthday: December 2, 1986
Birthplace: Chiangmai, Thailand
Fan(given)Name: 那么爱琳

Liu Mei Han – China


She was also a contestant on Super Girls.

Name: 刘美含
English: Mikan
Prefix: Sweet Turbulence (甜美小妮)
Japanese: 工藤新子 (gong teng xin zi)
Birthday: April 9, 1991
Birthplace: Xiangtan, Hunan
School: Beijing Foreign Language University (Major Japanese)

Yi Yi Zi – China


The last of the Chinese members who was also a contestant on Super Girls.

Name: 易易紫
English: Niki
Prefix: Confident Angel (自信天使)
Birthday: November 8, 1987
Birthplace: Chengdu, Sichuan

Sheng Xuan Jing – Korea


Name: 沈泫京
Korean:심현경 (Shim Hyun Kyung)
Fan(given) Name: 水晶 (Crystal)


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