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What’s After School Lizzy’s Dirty Little Secret?

July 9, 2010

After School‘s newest member, 18-year old Lizzy, may look sweet and innocent, but according to Raina, the group’s maknae likes dancing naked in their dorm room! She said on a show taping, “Maknae Lizzy’s hobby is to dance naked in the dorm. Whenever Lizzy take’s off her clothes, she gets confident and becomes a prankster and changes 180 degrees into a totally different person. She imitates the sexy dance for 4Minute Hyuna’s ‘Change’ while being in the nude quite often.” Lizzy then replied, “I’m not the only one who does that!”

What you do in your private time is totally up to you, but I would be pretty embarrassed if I were Lizzy! Because now all you know what the guys are thinking….

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