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Music Bank Wrap-Up

June 11, 2010

SS501 – “Love Ya”

Wow…the jackets the guys were sporting were…special. Um but besides the poor outfit choice, the performance was good. I don’t keep up with SS501 at all, so this is the first time I heard this song. It’s catchy and the dance moves are smooth, earning their K-chart win today. Guys, just make sure your jackets aren’t missing any fabric next time.

Super Junior – “BONAMANA”

Aw still no Kyuhyun :( The rest of the guys did a great job, although it seems that Leeteuk hasn’t found his shirt yet.

CNBLUE – “Love”

I am still very confused as to what happened to CNBLUE. I’m not feeling this FT Island-style.

4Minute – “Huh”

I like this style and sound best for 4Minute. The song’s a bit boring, but it’s more badass than their previous singles. It’s a good direction for them. Although I still think they’re trying a little too hard to be sexy.


Okay, this song has officially bored me. BUT they still can bring it.

Koyote – “Return”

I love the old school sound to this track! But wayyy too many back up dancers!

Infinite – “Come Back Again”

Second time listening to this song and I’m hooked on the chorus!! I think these guys will definitely have a chance in the kpop scene.

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