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It’s Official…

August 23, 2009

…I admit I’m a HIT-5 fan now. Buuuuttt I haven’t exactly learned their names yet. I dunno, I just have a hard time remembering them. Then again, if I could learn all of Super Junior’s names I can certainly learn HIT-5’s.

cr. Kiki ‘-/-/ on HIT-5’s international forum

These are just some cool videos I found of HIT-5 while browsing YT today. They’re mostly interview clips, rehearsals, behind-the-scenes, etc. These guys can actually be pretty funny….although I’m sure it would be much funnier if I could actually understand what they were saying. I swear to God, once I am fluent in Mandarin I will totally sub all of these videos. Unfortunately, all I can really say is,“ 你 好。天 天 我 听 中 国 的 音乐。” Damn. What’s nice about k-pop is that there are subbers for everything. Within 5 seconds someone has eng subs for an mv, tv show, etc., or translations for some celebrity’s blog. I wish there were more eng translators involved with cpop :(

Back to HIT-5….I hear they’re making mvs for “Say You Love Me Again” and “I Want You To Know”–I’m definitely looking forward to those.

Videos after the cut.

This one’s my favorite, especially at the end. I spy “Mirotic” dancing?

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