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Sort This Out–Nicky Lee

July 24, 2009

Nicky Lee - Think Too Much

First off, I know he’s been performing a few years but the Chinese music scene is still new to me :P So, I was listening to Nicky Lee today and wanted to get some background information on the guy. I found out that Lee isn’t Chinese, Taiwanese, or from any Mandarin-speaking country at all–he’s actually Korean-American! Go figure. I find it really interesting that he chose the Chinese scene over the Korean music scene, especially with the whole Hallyu wave going on right now. It’s not like there’s more musical freedom in China (or really, any freedom in the media). Plus, how many non-Korean Asians come to Korea to pursue music? Maybe he just didn’t want to be put in a group, be forced to wear typical boyband outfits and do pelvic0-thrust dance moves to make the fangirls scream. I don’t really know that much about the Chinese music industry, but I feel that they really like their ballads.

In this mv the dialogue is in Korean but the song is in Mandarin.

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